Developing No Excuses Employees

What Managers and Supervisors Can Do

February 5, 2013
10:00am Central


As a manager that has been working with people for a while, you might be getting tired of some of the endless excuses your employees have for not doing what needs to be done.  As I travel around teaching communication seminars, some of the most common phrases I hear for being late, not showing initiative or just having an attitude of “whatever” are:

  • “I haven’t had my coffee yet.”
  • “I’ve got too much to do.”
  • “My boss just doesn’t understand me.”
  • “It’s Monday!”
  • “Nobody EVER listens to MY ideas!”
  • “They are just going to do what they want to do anyway.”


If you hear some of these same phrases at your office or plant, you might be suffering from “Excuse-itus,” a condition in the workplace that can end with constant confrontations among co-workers, disruptions caused by angry outbursts or (at best) a slow, consistent chipping away at morale.

You can stop this!

Much of the harmony, or discord, rests largely on the shoulders of you, the management of the organization.  Whether you are a manager, supervisor or owner of a business, the environment is what YOU make it.  It starts with creating expectations of what you expect from others, AND also letting them see you engaging in consistent patterns of behavior.

No Excuses Leaders help coach No Excuses Employees to reach their potential and do their best work.

In this Audio Conference, you will learn:

  • 7 Qualities of a No Excuse Employee
  • 6 Approaches to Encourage Problem Solving, Instead of Belly-Aching
  • Simple Rules to Use when BrainStorming So All Ideas are Heard
  • Motivation Tips Using both Tangible and Social Rewards
  • Increasing Engagement: Eliminating the “I Can’t” Mindset
  • 6 Methods to Get Employees to Take Initiative


Keith will also share:

  • Feedback Tips to Get Positive Behaviors Over and Over
  • Dealing with The Most Difficult Employees: The “BIG Three”

If you are ready to rid your office of the most difficult employees (without having to fire them), then join Keith for this lively discussion of how to build the workplace of your dreams.  Click below to sign up.  It’s just $79, and your entire management team can sit in for the program.  All you need is space for them, and a speaker phone!


In addition to providing quality information you can put to use in your workplace immediately, we also offer a money-back guarantee.  If you are not completely satisfied that this information, if implemented, can help you turn your organization into a more positive, more productive and more profitable place to work, we will give 100% of your money back.

Upon signing up, you will also receive a booklet via email you can download and use for notes during the Audio Conference.  Be sure to make copies for all those attending! Keith looks forward to having you on the call.


Photo courtesy Keerati/FreeDigitalPhotos.net