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Essential Coaching Skills for Productivity & Profits



Do you know your primary goal as a leader?

Were you “thrust” into the position and given little or no direction?

Do you make excuses so you can avoid accepting responsibility for your, or your team’s success? Because… What if things go wrong?

Or, worse, do you ACCEPT excuses from OTHERS when you know the most frequent problems in your workplace could have been avoided all-together?

“True leaders do not make or accept excuses. They do what needs to be done, with people who are responsible and respected, to complete assignments efficiently and effectively.”

Keith Sanders

Leaders must be willing to give appropriate team members credit when projects are going according to plan, and willing to take the blame when plans fall through.

This keynote encourages participants to:

  • Recognize When Negativity May Be Hindering Productivity

  • Encourage All Team Members to Take Initiative and Be Problem-Solvers, Not Problem-Makers

  • Help Create a Culture of “Can-Do” Associates Who Are Willing and Able to Tackle the Toughest Problems Creatively

  • Prepare Associates to Manage Time Wisely and Get Along with Almost Anyone

PDF OneSheet of “No Excuses Leader” Program – Keith Sanders, Speaker