Quick Tips for Staying Positive

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How to Stay PositiveSome would suggest the opposite of being negative is to simply be positive. And, some might practice this by showing up to work with a smile on their face or greeting co-workers with a hearty “Good morning.”

While those actions certainly contribute to more open communication and can make the workplace more pleasant, here are some other tips to help in your quest to eliminate, or at least combat the negativity in your office.

Declare a “no gossip” zone.

Communicate to everyone, even other managers, that you will be holding them accountable to spreading gossip or lies about other employees, but especially about your company’s clients.

If you let new employees know this up front, then they should not be surprised when you call them into your office to chat when they are guilty of this offense. They were warned!

One client of mine even put up a few signs around the office that had the word WHINING with the “Ghostbusters” red circle and slash marking it out. That is clarifying expectations.

Read, read, read.

In order to combat negativity that can zap motivation, consider reading uplifting literature. Rather than picking up that scandalous romance novel, dive into a business book or something spiritual or religious in nature.

Learn ways to be a more effective, more energetic person or read about great leaders and what they did right…so you can do the same.

The late Charlie “Tremendous” Jones said, “Leaders are readers.” And, Keith says, “If you want to be regarded as a visionary in your company, it means feeding your mind with positive information.”

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