Even though these topics cover serious issues in today’s workplaces and competitive business world, audiences can always depend on Keith to infuse just the right amount of personal stories and humor to keep the tone of your sales meeting, convention or conference light and fun.

            Depending on the size of your group and the presentation’s allotted time, Keith may also include ice-breakers and other activities to engage, en-liven and entertain your attendees.





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Highlights of this humorous, interactive and thought-provoking program include:

  • Mastering the 3 Truths About Change: What You Need to Know to Be the Most Effective During Times of Uncertainty

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Do you know your primary goal as a leader?

Were you “thrust” into the position and given little or no direction?

Do you make excuses so you can avoid accepting responsibility for your, or your team’s success?  Because… What if things go wrong?

Or, worse, do you ACCEPT excuses from OTHERS when you know the most frequent problems in your workplace could have been…

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